Service Department

We take pride in making sure that your machine continues to serve you long after it leaves our doors. Continued service and maintenance is a pillar of our business philosophy. Helping our customers and community continue working is what we strive to do.




Mean Green Mowers

We service all machines we sell, and are certified to work on all lines that we represent.

Our shops current labor rate is $85 per hour.


EGO Power Plus



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Hydro Gear

Take a look at our work order to see what we check when you choose to have a complete service on your power unit and attachment.

  • You will see there are a few items on our service list that are already checked and highlighted in yellow. Two of those are reminders for our mechanics. However listed under power unit and attachment; if your unit comes in extremely dirty, grassy, covered with oil, etc, it will be washed so that a service can be completed. This is especially important if your unit has some kind of leak. Locating a leak is impossible on a dirty machine.

  • Our notes section is where we list other items that need to be addressed and notes about why a unit is being brought into the shop from the customers perspective.

  • Items can be deducted from the complete service if you so choose, except for pressure washing your unit.