Our Commitments & Policies

Our Commitments

We Commit To You That We Will Work For You While Honoring Our Companies Core Values

  • Integrity - We will be honest to you and about your equipment - whether it needs repaired or you're purchasing something new, we will give you as much information as we can so that you are able to make an informed decision.

  • Community - Life is always better when we can provide a good product and service for our community.

  • Teamwork - We achieve more when we work together.

  • Compassion - We feel that going the extra mile so that you the customer are satisfied makes us better people.

  • Curiosity - We will always strive to find a better way to do something or improve because it keeps life entertaining.

  • Respect - Being respectful of each other makes life better. Our relationships are stronger, our communication is better & we are happier.

  • Food - We strive to share meals as a company throughout the year to strengthen our relationships with each other.

While following our core values we do have some policies below that help keep everything running smoothly, allows us to better serve our customers, and it helps keep everyone accountable and on the same page.

Our Policies

For Any Considerations or Exceptions To These Policies Please Speak With Management

Check Policy

By using a check for payment, you agree to the following terms..

  • In the event your check is dishonored or returned for any reason, you authorize us to electronically (or by paper draft) re-present the check to your bank account for collection of the amount of the check, plus any applicable fees as permitted by state law. For inquiries, call Profituity® at (888)436-5101.

Returns Policy


  • A 25% Re-Stocking fee will be charged for ALL special order parts or non-stock items returned.

  • Shipping is NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • We reserved the right to charge a 10% restocking fee on stock parts returned after 30 days.

Pre-Payment Policy

Customers that do not have a charge account set up may be required to make a prepayment before...

  • Parts are ordered

  • Parts are drop-shipped to a customer

  • Rental equipment is rented

  • Diagnostics are performed on equipment

  • Before equipment is delivered back

Freight Policy

  • Non-Stock parts are considered special order and will incur a freight charge.

  • When possible we will try to split the freight between customers to make it cheaper. But this is not always possible.

  • Drop ships and extra large or heavy items will incur a larger freight charge.

Parts Policy

  • Please be patient as our vendors are taking a bit longer to ship parts due to availability, low supply and high demand, supply chain issues, low staffing at warehouses and an extra busy year.

  • Because shipping is taking longer it is EXTREMELY important that you bring your equipment Model and Serial Number or Engine Model, Type/Spec, Code/Serial Number in when looking up parts. If we have to order parts and you don't have this information there is no guarantee the parts will be correct and a restocking fee will apply, and shipping to then order the correct part will be charged again.

  • If your equipment is not a brand we sell, we will try to help find parts for you with the limited resources we have access to. However, if you don’t have this information we can’t effectively look up parts for you.

Storage Policy

We understand that life is busy, our customers take vacations, have busy schedules, get sick or have vehicle breakdowns, etc.

Unfortunately we do not have the means to store equipment for our customers for extended periods of time.

  • Once we have called or left you a message that your equipment service is completed your equipment must be picked up within two weeks to avoid a $25 weekly per unit storage charge. If your unit(s) aren’t picked up after a month this fee will double to $50 per unit weekly.

  • If your unit incurs this storage fee the units invoice must be paid in full before the equipment may be picked up. Units that are paid and not picked up can still incur this storage fee. All considerations or adjustments to the charged storage fee are at managements discretion.