Zero Turn Mowers

We carry two lines of Internal Combustion Engine Zero Turn Mowers, Gravely and Grasshopper. Both companies have been building mowers for over 50 years. Over which time they've proven the dependability and durability of their machines.   

Gravely Pro Stance Stand on Zero Turn
Grasshopper 729 Front Mount Zero Turn

We have been a certified Gravely Dealer since 2003. Over this time we've come to see their dependability and commitment to high quality Lawn Equipment. Gravely offers a full range of Lawn equipment from residential Zero Turns to commercial push mowers and Zero Turns. We alongside Gravely are committed to making sure your mowing experience is as positive and productive as possible. 

Grasshopper has been a highly respected name in the lawn Equipment Industry for years. They're front mount Zero Turn Mowers are unparalleled in visibility and ease of trimming in confined spaces.  By sticking with a winning formula Grasshopper Mowers continue to deliver every time.

Mean Green Mower, Gravely Electric Mower, EGO Electric Mower

We also carry three different lines of electric Zero Turns, Mean Green, Gravely EV, and EGO.  Mean Green and Gravely are commercial grade, intended to be run long and hard.  Mean Green has between 5-9 hours of run time depending on the machine. While Gravely has a swappable battery system which allows for longer mowing. One set of four batteries will get the operator around 5 hours of mow time.  EGO provides two residential Zero Turn which are fabulous options for an operator who already has or is thinking about getting EGO power equipment. We see the 42" unit with four (4) batteries lasting about an 1.25hrs, and the 52" unit with six (6) batteries lasting about 2hrs.