Finding Your Machine

Commercial Solutions

Residential Options

Commercial Mowing

We offer a full range of commercially rated Zero Turns and subcompact tractors.  Ventrac and Steiner offer a wide variety of mowing decks to adapt to almost any situation. These machines especially excel on hills, as they can manage up to a 30 degree slope. 

Our zero turn selection includes Grasshopper, Gravely, and Mean Green. All Grasshopper mowers are built for commercial use, they're incredibly smooth machines to operate, and they're known for laying down exceptional stripes. 

Gravely's line of commercial mowers is known throughout the industry for their durability and reliability.  With over 100 years of experience Gravely continues to deliver high quality machines that will keep you mowing day in and day out. 

Mean Green offers commercial all electric Zero Turns. With between 7-9 hours of run time and a top speeds of up to 13 mph they're certainly no slouch. They have seated, stand on, and walk behind models. Since they are all electric it means a significantly quieter mowing experience, not to mention greatly reduced maintenance requirements.  With no belts, spindles, or grease points  you will spend less time maintaining your machine, and more time mowing.

Small Lawn (.25-1 Acre)

For the homeowner who want's their lawn to look incredible, but doesn't need a huge machine to get the job done.  Small yards take less time to mow, so we recommend looking at electric walk behind push mowers or small residential Zero Turns.  We represent EGO electric walk behind mowers which come in both self propelled and push options.

For Zero Turns we recommend the Gravely ZT X or XL and the EGO Electric ZT. All of these are great options for a small yard, they'll reduce your mowing time and help make sure you're comfortable while doing it. 

Ventrac 4500Y with Finish Decks used for slope mowing

Mowing Slopes with Ventrac 4500Ys  and Finish Deck in the UK

Municipal Use

Ventrac and Steiner offer many solutions for municipal operators who need machines capable of performing in widely varying conditions and seasons. Get your mower, snowblower, stump grinder, and bush hog all in one machine.  They can also operate safely on 30 degree slopes. 

Medium Lawn (1-3 Acres)

For the homeowner who needs a bit more mower to get the job done. You're looking for something that'll cut down your time in the seat so you can enjoy your perfectly cut lawn. We recommend something between the Gravely ZT XL and the Gravely ZT HD.  

If you are interested in electric options then EGO has two different deck sizes to choose from, a 42" and a 52". The 42" comes with Four 10 amp batteries and is the equivalent of a 22 hp engine, while the 52" comes with Six 12 amp batteries and is the equivalent of a 25 hp engine. 

For homeowners who need to deal with slopes we also have Steiner and Ventrac which allow for operation on slopes of up to 30 degrees.

Snow Removal

Steiner, Ventrac, and Grasshopper all offer solutions for dealing with snow and other inclement weather. If you're looking for a machine that can mow in the summer and clear sidewalks and parking lots in winter then consider one of these three. Having a machine that can work year round translates to profit at the end of every year. 

For residential customers we offer EGO battery electric snowblowers. Their 24" snowblower makes clearing your driveway a breeze.

Large Lawn (3-10+ Acres)

For the homeowner who needs to mow larger areas we recommend Gravely and Grasshopper commercial Zero Turns or Steiner and Ventrac as the best solution.  Any of these options will significantly decrease your mowing time. The decision between a Zero Turn or sub compact tractor depends on what other jobs you might need done around the property.  Steiner and Ventrac offer many different attachments which can drastically save time for many homeowners. 

EGO Multi Tool System

EGO Multi Tool System


Ventrac and Steiner provide multiple attachments for any landscaper. Having a harley rake, landscape rake, stump grinder, tiller, slip scoop and more on one machine makes a world of difference. Being able to use and maintain one machine saves time and resources you can use to grow your business. 

Handheld Equipment

We carry three lines of outdoor power equipment. EGO offers electric alternatives to conventional gas powered tools, while Redmax provides gas powered blowers, hedgers and trimmers. Each of these lines offers different advantages depending on the expectations of the operator. Electric will have slightly less runtime, but will cost less in maintenance and fuel, while gas has more power if you buy a machine with a larger engine.

Mantis offers both gas and battery powered tiller options for the home gardener, along with multiple attachments for yard care. Get your tiller, aerator, de-thatcher and edger all in the same machine. 

For commercial use gas powered equipment continues to provide the most reliability in run time and power, but electric isn't too far behind.  Making the choice as a residential user is trickier though. If you don't need to run for more than 45 minutes to an hour then electric makes more sense.  Once you buy one battery you have a power source for many other tools.  We do recommend having two batteries so that you can swap back and forth as needed. 


A Ventrac or Steiner can be an indispensable tool for contractors. Whether you're using the Power Bucket, Power Box Rake, Trencher, or Landscape Rake, both of these tractors can be incredible tools on any jobsite. Along with versatility the size of these machines makes them much more agile than skid loaders or compact tractors in tight spaces. Getting gravel or sand exactly where you  need it, or digging out a tight area is no longer a headache. 

Estate Management

Its hard to overstate the versatility provided by Ventrac and Steiner. One place where they commonly demonstrate this is estates. When you need to care for large estates it can be difficult to manage everything properly.  Ventrac and Steiner both provide multiple options to fit your needs and alleviate the stress of managing large properties. 

Grasshopper also has multiple options for Estate management. If mowing is your top priority, and you won't be needing other attachments, or slope capabilities, then Grasshopper might be what you need. Grasshopper is purpose built to leave a beautifully striped lawn and a happy homeowner once the job is finished. 

Vineyard Maintenance

Ventrac and Steiner both offer options for vineyard owners who are looking to simplify their maintenance portfolio.  Instead of owning two or three specialized machines to keep up with different jobs you'd have one that could do everything.  The versatility and simplicity of these machines speaks for itself.  There's nothing else built that can do everything they can and match the quality. Both Ventrac and Steiner have recently released flail mowers which are perfect for mulching up clippings between rows, and just general mowing around the property. 

Leaf Cleanup and Collection Systems

All our commercial mowers have options for grass and leaf collection systems.  Please let our sales team know what you're interested in and we will do our best to make sure that you get a system which works for you. 

Ventrac, Steiner, Grasshopper, and MeanGreen have blower options for dealing with leaves. If you simply need to relocate leaves blowers are the way to go.