Snow Removal

Ventrac provides you with the machines you need to stay ahead of the storm. No need to worry about snowfall again with Ventrac working for you.  With three machines capable of dealing with snow and icy conditions Ventrac will keep your sidewalks clear and your driveway deiced. 

Steiner offers multiple options to help you keep your driveway clear in the winter.  Whether you want a Snowblower, Straight Blade, Rotary Broom, or V-blade we've got you covered. 

EGO Power+

EGO offers two options for snow removal. A two stage and a single stage snowblower.  Running off EGO's #1 rated battery system they're able to accept all sizes of EGO Battery. And being able to use the same batteries for your string trimmer, chainsaw, Zero Turn mower, and snowblower makes life simple. 

A Grasshopper front-mount Mower isn't just a top of the line Zero Turn mower. It can also be fitted a snowblower, V-Blade or Broom, giving you multiple ways to prepare for winter.