Watch the newest Kreider tv commercial!  Thank you WHSV & Charles Shank!

     The NEW Ventrac SSV Sidewalk Snow Vehicle

      Snow Removal with a Ventrac


     Leaf clean up with the Ventrac 4500 Tractor and the RV602.

          Basic Operations for a Ventrac 4500 Tractor

              How to Connect Attachments to Ventrac 4500 Tractors

      Have you seen the Steiner 450? Stop by our showroom if you haven't!

      The Quick-Hitch System for the Steiner 450.

       Grasshopper 725D

      Gravely Pro Turn with a Yamaha engine!

      Have you seen the propane fueled Gravely Pro Turn 460?  Here we                    are testing it out at KFSE.