Welcome to the 2021 lineup of battery-electric zero-turn mower offerings here at Kreider Four Seasons Equipment.

Use our product matrix below to check out all of the different brands and models. They start with the smaller models on the left, and increase in price and size as the matrix moves to the right. Then, scroll down to visit each manufacturer's website to learn more information. We’ve also provided two disclaimers for you that will help narrow down your choice. Have further questions? Contact us HERE.

Disclaimer #1: Unit run times listed here and on manufacturer websites are subject to multiple factors including but not limited to: slope and terrain you are mowing, thickness and moisture content of the grass you are cutting, sharpness of blades, cleanliness of mower deck, and battery charge. 

Disclaimer #2: Run times listed below for the Gravely and EGO models are in correlation with the number of batteries that are included with the mower. In both cases, each unit includes four (4) removable batteries. However, the EGO model has six (6) battery bays which means you can get more run time if you choose to install more batteries. In addition, the EGO zero-turn battery bays can fit any of their Arc Lithium 56V batteries including the 2.5Ah, 5Ah, 7.5Ah, and 10Ah. You can use the same batteries to power your blower, string trimmer, chainsaw, and now your zero-turn mower. The Mean Green and Greenworks models are similar to an electric over-the-road vehicle, in that they have one large battery that stays in the unit at all times.

EGO: https://egopowerplus.com/zero-turn-riding-mower-zt4204l/

Gravely: https://www.gravely.com/en-us/power-equipment/electric

Mean Green: https://meangreenproducts.com/

Greenworks: https://greenworkscommercial.com/shop-by-tool/zero-turn-mowers

Interested in battery-electric equipment, but you don’t need a zero-turn? We sell EGO and Greenworks handheld equipment too! Check out our offerings below.