Considering an Electric Zero-Turn?

Moving from internal-combustion powered equipment to battery-electric powered equipment can be a big, daunting task. The purpose of this web page is to share our experience and knowledge so that each customer can make an informed decision for their specific circumstance. 

It is worth noting right away that we only offer Lithium-Ion batteries in all of our equipment. While some other equipment options available are powered with Lead-Acid batteries, we want our customers to know that we prefer Lithium-Ion for the following reasons.


  • Lighter weight

  • Improved safety - more resistant to overcharge;

  • less chance for electrolyte leakage

  • Greater capacity and longer life

  • Quicker charge and low self-discharge

  • Lower maintenance

  • More environmentally friendly


  The following is a list of reasons why battery-electric equipment may be a better choice than gas or diesel power.

It is important to understand that this form of power may not work for every customer in every application.

The team here at Kreider Four Seasons Equipment is ready and willing to walk every customer through this decision.

Lower operating and maintenance costs.

Never again will there there be a need to purchase fuel, oil, belts, air filters or spark plugs. Say goodby to starting issues unless, of course, the battery isn’t charged! Although checking the tire pressure, cleaning the mower deck and unit, sharpening blades, and proper battery care will still be necessary,  maintenance costs will largely disappear gaining back valuable time and money.

Noise levels will be reduced significantly.

A standard gas-powered mower runs at 95-100 Decibels, while an electric mower runs at 80 decibels (info from Mean Green). That may not sound like much but, in the human ear, loudness doubles with every ten decibels. That means that a gas mower is up to FOUR TIMES louder than an electric mower! Both commercial and residential folks will be able to take advantage of expanding hours of operation in areas where noise reduction ordinances prohibit the use of gas-powered mowers and blowers during certain times of the day.

Two of the brands we offer utilize

a quick battery swap system.

With a Gravely or EGO battery-electric zero-turn mower,

the operator will have the option to purchase more batteries

which can allow you to mow indefinitely. 

Longevity for battery-electric equipment is superior to that of internal-combustion powered equipment.

In the world of equipment, heat inhibits life.

An air-cooled engine on a zero-turn mower puts

out an enormous amount of heat that is nowhere to be found

on an electric mower. Get excited, because battery-electric zero-turn mowers will likely last longer than any mower you’ve ever had before.

Be prepared to purchase the majority of fuel up-front.

As a result, battery-electric equipment can, initially,

be more expensive. But, with gas or diesel equipment,

fuel needs to be purchased and added every time the tank is empty.

With a battery, it simply has to be charged for another cycle,

and over the life of a lithium-ion battery, an operator will

get 1000-1500 cycles if charged and stored properly. 

Eco-friendly and efficient.

When running an electric mower, battery power isn’t used unless the unit is moving and/or the mower deck is activated. This is not the case for an internal combustion powered mower, which wastes valuable fuel for starting and idling. When running, electric equipment are also zero emissions machines which will greatly reduce a consumer’s carbon footprint. 
NOTE: You will NEVER produce or smell dangerous exhaust fumes again when you mow, just the freshly cut grass!